Foshan Dianfan Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It is a comprehensive service enterprise specializing in the comprehensive production and sales of European furniture. It has strong advantages in production, supply and customization, a comprehensive offline physical store exhibition hall, and a powerful online shopping mall!

Our company is a comprehensive furniture company integrating furniture design, development, manufacturing and marketing. The factory has a cohesive engineering, design, marketing and production staff team. After years of development, the company has gradually formed a large-scale furniture manufacturing enterprise led by European classical suite furniture, high-grade solid wood dining tables and chairs, high-quality leather and cloth sofa.

Based on the high-end, we adhere to the six character development policy of "Europe and the United States, classic and high-end", adhere to the three development lines of "branding, serialization and Europeanization", implement the development strategy of "surviving by quality, developing by design innovation and surpassing by high-quality service", and continuously improve the market competitiveness and influence of the brand! With the introduction of advanced automatic production equipment and production technology, the company has become a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of European neo classical high-end furniture.

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Product advantage

Product texture of natural stone material, simple sense wen run is exquisite, anti-fouling compression wear-resisting, adornment effect is beautiful observatory, a strong cultural taste and fashion temperament, be in harmony are an organic whole, make the products better and space to achieve the perfect harmony of products and the environment.

R&D advantage

The support of the huge r&d team, and constantly develop good classic products. And in combination with many international ceramic technology companies such as Italy, Spain, ceramic industrial design companies and other external forces, increasing the development of new products and new technologies.

Quality advantage

Passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, fully guarantee the product quality. On the basis of the comprehensive reference of the research and development of international standards, the company relies on advanced modern production equipment and the persistent pursuit of the quality of product.

Production advantage

00 tons of aluminum ball mill, Italy "sith roller engraving printing machine", etc., and built 438 meters long automatic roller kiln control in article 16, computer automatic control system of 7200 t press, annual production capacity of more than 70 million square meters.


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